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Landscape Architects serving Central Illinois
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Landscape Management Services

Landscape Management is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. A professionally maintained landscape will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space and keep your investment looking great. Our customizable schedule means we work with you to best suit your desires and your landscape’s needs. We offer a variety of services, whether you want us to come out regularly, just a few times a year or need some planting assistance, we have you covered. Give us a call to discuss your landscape management needs today!

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Our Services


Annual Flower Installation

Would you like to add some seasonal color to your landscape? Our designers and crews can come up with a plan to bring color and texture to your property.


Container Design & Planting

Our team can assist in creating beautiful seasonal plantings for your outdoor planters. Let our experience and creativity work for you, planting lush, gorgeous containers tailored to your home and style. Service includes plantings for Summer, Fall and Winter.


Hardscape Maintenance & Repair

Stuber Land Design strives to use the highest quality materials, but even the best can wear over time. Our expert staff can remedy many hardscape issues and keep your paver patios, sidewalks, driveways and more looking their best.


Landscape Consulting

Available at no cost to our Essential or Enhanced Landscape Management Program clients. Onsite visits are available at a fee for other interested clients.

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Mulch Installation

Our gardners prep your beds with a crisp shovel cut edge (if needed) then apply high quality mulch. We believe that mulch is critical in protecting the health of the soil, plants and root it provides an appealing backdrop for your plants.

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Proper Pruning

There’s more to trimming than just cutting off a branch. Improper pruning can cause unnecessary injury to the shrub or small tree, which can result in decay. Our gardeners have all been trained on proper pruning techniques to ensure your shrubs and trees will look their best now and in the years to come.


Seasonal Bed Preparations

It is important for your landscape beds to be prepared for spring and late fall to ensure the health of your plants and soil. Let us assist in making this process as easy as possible for you. Our gardeners will clean out beds, do dormant pruning, fertilize as needed, begin proactive weed and insect control and ensure your outdoor space is ready for the upcoming season.


Weed, Disease, Pest Control

We know plants and we know what harms them! Let us keep your plants healthy by taking care of weeds, diseases and pests at the proper times.


At Stuber Land Design we want to help you keep your beautiful landscape looking its best!

 Let our experienced, professional, friendly landscape management crew assist you!

A regularly maintained landscape will allow you more time to enjoy your outdoor space and keep your investment looking great. Our customizable schedule allows us to work with you to best suit you, as well as your landscape’s professional needs. 

We offer:

  • Enhanced Monthly Plans
  • Essential Seasonal Plans
  • Personalized Schedules

Call us today to set up a free initial consultation! 309-925-5277 


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