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Landscape Architects serving Central Illinois
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Our architects and design team at Stuber Land Design have decades of experience and want to understand how you live, create a partnership with you, and help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.

This partnership is the fundamental first step to assist us in developing a clear understanding of the project and totally customize the details of your new landscape. We create a design by focusing on your tastes, personalities, desires, budget, the architectural style of your home, and even the site location and surrounding landscape. With this collaborative effort, you and our design team will successfully develop a plan that will suit your needs above and beyond your expectations.

Throughout the design process, there will be time for review, approval, and adjustments based on your assessment. It is an easy step, to go from approval to installation, since we wear both hats of designer and installer. We are with you every step of the way, from design development, to installation, and on-going maintenance. The Stuber Land Design process has proven itself for over 25 years to be a superior method that is efficient, effective, and a pleasurable experience for our customers. We invite you to visit our portfolio page to see the results.


Design Fees

At Stuber Land Design we are here to provide our clients with exceptional outdoor spaces;
designed, installed and managed by a highly valued team.

A lot goes into most of our designs, so certain projects may be subject to a design fee.  A well thought out designed landscape provides you great value for your investment. We want to make sure you receive a personalized design, just for your space.

  • This design fee covers the cost of our employees' time spent on your design. This includes site visits, measuring and layouts, design time, engineering, graphics and estimating. Our time and expertise will enable you to receive the full value that you deserve on your investment.
  • The design fee is to be paid before the design process begins.  Some design fees will be impossible to accurately estimate before designing (difficulty of design process, multiple meetings with the customer, builder, neighbors, municipalities, changes to original design, etc.).  Additional fees may be assessed throughout the process.
  • At the end of our design process, our goal is to provide you with a conceptual plan that includes planting and/or hardscape plans and an estimate for installation by Stuber Land Design.

Your designer will inform you of the fee up front and can work with you and your budget.


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