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Landscape Architects serving Central Illinois
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Your home is tailored to reflect your unique personality. The Stuber Land Design Architects pride themselves on making sure your new landscape does the same. From the initial design consultation, our team ensures your new landscape reflects your tastes and personalities.



At Stuber Land Design, Inc., we utilize the best materials in the industry. We have experience installing a wide range of natural stone, clay, and concrete products as well as outdoor appliances and grills, landscape lighting, water features, pergolas and pavilions which can be viewed on our gallery page. The examples below are just a small sample of the endless amount of materials we have access to.

Umbriano & Chilton Wall-Stone
Umbriano and Chilton Wall Stone
Marantha Outcropping Stone
Fond Du Lac Flagstone & Wall-Stone
Fond Du Lac Flagstone and Wall Stone
Cut Limestone & Copthorne
Cut Limestone and Copthorne
Rivenstone & Copthorne
Rivenstone and Copthorne
Maranatha Outcropping & Wall-Stone
Marantha Outcropping and Wall Stone
Bristol Valley & Copthorne
Bristol Valley and Copthorne
Whitacre Greer Clay Pavers
Whitacre Greer Clay Pavers

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